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About the  Controller

The UK's most widely used controller for roller garage doors just got better.

Wireless or Wired Safety Edge

The TVNRG868A01 control panel offers both wired or wireless safety edge using either a BST (Bottom Slat Transmitter) with batteries for wireless safety edge or with a spiral cable and junction box for wired edge. The safety edge profile remains the same either way making this control panel truely universal.

How it Works?

In accordance with Eurpoean norms, the safety edge is tested before every downward operation ensuring the correct functioning.. If an obstacle is detected during the closing cycle, the door movement is stopped and partially inverted preventing any injury. If for any reason, the safety edge maifunctions, the door can only be closed in 'present man' mode. This is achieved by pressing the close button continuously.

Why Choose This Controller?

This is the most cost effective, relaible system on the market as used by almost all the UK manufacturers and installers of roller garage doors. It has an energy saving LED and internmal push buttons to aid motor limit setting. For added security, bi-directional transcievers when used with the appropriate bi-directioanl transmitter can show the 'status' of the door be it open or closed.

Simply More Choice

With more than 50 transmitters to choose from including hand held, wall mounted, keypad and smart phone control you can be certain we have wireless trasnmitter to suit your every need.
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App features

Roller Door Controller TVNRG868A01

Awesome Features

Total Flexibility

Total Flexibility

Wired or wireless safety edge as standard

Easy set up

Easy set up

Two built in control buttons aid motor limit setting and programming.

Super Fast

Super Fast

Once the motor is set up configuring the control panel is super easy.

Strong Security

Strong Security

Templated instructions for wall fixing are provided in each box along with an easy installation guide.

Easy to Customize

Easy to Customize

Want your company logo on the control or transmitters - no problem.

Synced with Black Edition

Synced with Black Edition

Any 868Mhz transnmitter from Teleco can bes used to operate the roller door controls and the Black Edition GDO.

Transmitter overview


We have more transmtters to offer than any other manufacturer.

  • Large range of hand held transmitters
  • Wall transmitters
  • Wireless keypads
  • Bi-directional 'status' transmitters
  • Smart phone/tablet control
  • Customization options with your branding

Smart control of your garage door using 'Daisy' our App based control system from anywhere in the world.

Best product award by our customers

Wi-Fi interface, App-programmable, to remotely radio control all Teleco devices from Smartphones.
Daisy lets you interact with all radio systems from anywhere in your home, even from a distance, with Smartphone or Tablet.
It’s so simple to create scenes and program the weekly timer
230 V power supply unit included
Multiple users can control devices
Ability to monitor the status of the Blue Series devices

Control your automated devices using your phone or tablet.
Daisy connects to your router and sends radio signals to your devices. 


Garage Door

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Lighting Control

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Multi Control

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Music Controls

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The App is FREE to download. Just click either of the links below.

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