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Universal Control Panel Solutions for Wired & Wireless Safety Edges

Simple Intuitive Control

East to set up and control of roller garage doors.

Choose from single, 2 or 4 channel transmitters that can be hand or wall mounted.

More Choice

Contreoller options include:

ASK - Bi-directionaldoor status, the transmitter indicates the door position at the tough of a button without leaving the home.

Obstacloe detection feature provding leading edge protectuion in accordance with European Legislation.

Motor torque control to detect addional load before stopping the door.

Smart Diagnostics

Each controller is equiped with visual LED's and audible sounders to assist with any diagnostics during programming or normal use including 'low' battery indicator and safety edeg activation.

Technical Support & Training

Our technical department can offer you full training on the installation, programming and fault diagnostics on all our garage door controls.

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